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The Martingale betting system started way back during the 18 century, at the time when gambling broke through the European countries. This betting system can be applied to any game of chance, but it is best used in games like roulette table and craps. However, it is important to know that one of the reasons why the Martingale betting system is not frequently used in skilled-based games is that it normally gives a player a high chance of winning a lot for a small token, while also giving a low chance of losing large amount of money. With this, many users see this betting system fits for short run betting, because chances are a player may lose large amount that he will not be able to continue the game. That is why this betting system has not been used frequently in the skilled-based games like the video poker and blackjack where real strategies are exhibited.

How The Martingale Betting System Works

It’s important to know that, the Martingale betting system is the most popular betting system in history, it is considered very effective and it’s simple and easy to play. Anyone can learn how to use the Martingale betting system without any hassle. Below, you will find some helpful information on how the system works.

  • Martingale betting system works best on bets that have equal chances of winning and losing e.g. a bet on Red or Black in roulette game. Simply to say, it’s a bet where there is a 50/50 chance of winning and losing.
  • The Martingale rules states that, when a player loses a bet, he or she will have to double their bet on the next spin. This means, if a player wagers a minimum of $2 on the Red bet at the roulette table game and subsequently loses, his next spin will be a wager of $4 again on the Red, and he will always stay on the Red. However, if he loses again, the next spin will be $8, and so on and so forth.
  • The most fascinating thing about this betting system is that, when the same player that has been losing, has subsequently wins; he will recoup all of his loses plus bonuses, and his next bet will be returned to the original wager to start the betting again. Its looks easy and simple, but it’s actually very risky at the same time.

Know The Logic Behind Martingale Betting System

The logic is somehow helpful when there is a chance of winning. For example, the rule that says when a player loses a wager, the next spin will be a double wager, gives the player the chance to earn profits and recoup all of his loses if he subsequently wins. This has made gamers to have confidence in the game knowing that there is always a chance of winning before the game ends.

The risk involved is that, if peradventure the player’s money had finished even before he wins a single spin, it means that the player will have to deal with a total loss and gave up the game. This is one of the Martingale betting system’s that has proven to be a stumbling stone for gamers. However, it’s important to know that, there’s always a chance of winning and gaining profits if you stick to the game even when you are losing.

Hope you find this article helpful.