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Over/under betting is a popular type of betting in the contemporary world, many betters see it as an alternative to the Asian handicap, the Traditional head to head betting, or the Martingale betting system. This is also known as a total betting where bookmarkers forecast the overall score for a particular game or match for betters to bet their luck. Over/under betting can be applied to almost every sport game – be it a soccer, American football, basketball, hockey, tennis, etc. No matter what your preferred type of sport is, you can take part in the over/under betting system and predict the total combined score of a match to win.

How Does Over/Under Betting Works

This is quite one of the easiest and simplest betting game to play. For example, in a game of football when two teams are about to play a match, there are bookmakers who will conduct a thorough research on both teams and find about their previous meetings, some trends about them, and a variety of factors. After the research and the analysis have been done, an over/under betting point will be released e.g. more than 2.5 goals or less than 2.5 goals as combined for the two teams; then the better can now make a decision and bet whether the total score line at the end of the game will be over the 2.5 goals or under the 2.5 goals when combined for both teams. If at the end of the game, it happens that you pick the right side, then you will get paid for that, and if you picked the wrong side after the outcome of the match, then you lose. This is how it goes, but it is better you know the concept of betting over or under so that you won’t end up having a nightmare at the end of the day.

However, this is not the only way this betting system can be done, there is also a betting on the over/under totals for an individual team; and it works closely related to the normal over/under betting which sum up the goals total for the two teams. But here, teams will be set with different over/under totals which can be related to the overall total score in order for you to make the right choice.

Tips Or Succeeding In The Over/Under Betting

  • It is better to put in mind the team’s home form in comparison from their away form. This will help you be on the right track, because some teams can score more goals at home than when they are away.
  • If you based your mind on average scores, you can be deceived. Instead tend to look at how a team used to score over or under another.
  • If you’re able to identify scoring potential on each team e.g. the abilities of the attacking style, then you can make the right bet.
  • Look at the recent meeting of both teams; you will surely get an inside on how the score line may likely be.
  • Do not concentrate on the teams’ recent forms; instead, go for head-to-head meetings for the two teams. This will help you to know the likely total score at the end.

Hope you this article helps!